Conference Schedule (tentative)

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Oral presentations including invited talks are given in a single session.

Exhibition by sponsers is made from Dec 14 afternoon to Dec 16. Short presentation by exhibitors are given in the oral session on Dec 14.

The poster session is held in the evening on Dec 14. Drinks are provided by some exhibitors for the poster presentation.

Invited speakers (tentative)

Invited speakers will be announced here.
Fukui, Ken-ichi (Osaka University, Japan)
"Potential Dependent Local Structure of Electric Double Layer at Ionic Liquid / Electrode Interfaces Analyzed by Electrochemical FM-AFM and MD Calculation "
Heinrich, Andreas (IBM, USA)
"Single atom electron spin resonance on surfaces"
Jiang, Ying (Peking University, China)
"Quantum Motion of Protons in Water Probed by STM/S"
Kuk, Young (Seoul National University, Korea)
"Instrumental Development in Scanning Tunneling Microscopy"
Lin, Minn-Tsong (National Taiwan University, Taiwan)
"Spin Characteristics of Quasiparticle Scattering in Rashba Semiconductors"
Meyer, Ernst (University of Basel, Switzerland)
"Friction experiments with single molecules and nanoribbons"
Park, Sung (Molecular Vista, USA)
"Nanoscale Hyperspectral Imaging via Photo-induced Force Microscopy"
Peller, Dominik (Rupert Huber Group, Universitat Regensburg, Germany)
"Recording Femtosecond sub-Å Snapshots with Lightwave-STM"
Saiki, Toshiharu (Keio University, Japan)
"Phase-change Material-based Nano-spectroscopy and Manipulation"
Saranin, Alexander A. (Institute of Automation and Control Processes, Russia)
"STM Investigation of 2D Alloys and Compounds on Si(111) and Ge(111) Surfaces"
Sokolov, Igor (Tufts University, USA)
"Atomic Force Microscopy of Living Cells: If Cell Properties Depend on Number of Passages"
Watanabe, Shinji (Kanazawa University, Japan)
"High-Speed Ion Conductance Microscopy for Studying Biological Samples"
Wiesendanger, Roland (Universität Hamburg, Germany)
"Spin-Polarized STM: Recent Progress and Future Perspectives"
Xue, Qi-Kun (Tsinghua University, China)
"Scanning tunneling microscopy of unconventional high temperature superconductivity"
Yeom, Han Woong (POSTECH, Korea)
"Domain walls and solitons for topological informatics"

Oral Presentation Guideline

Presentation Time

Type Presentation Discussion
Invited (30 min)   25 min 5 min
Invited (20 min)   15 min 5 min
Contributed (12 min)    9 min 3 min


Speakers can use a digital projector for PC as described below. A laser pointer and a lapel microphone are also provided.
Overhead projectors for transparencies, slides and video tapes ARE NOT provided.

Digital projector for oral presentation.

Your PC should have a mini D-sub 15-pin output (female), a standard RGB monitor terminal, to be connect to the projector. The power supply is AC100V, 50Hz, with the plug type A, which has two flat blades without GND.

In case of a connection problem, you should bring a copy of your presentation in a CD-R or a USB memory stick, which can be used with our backup computers that have the PowerPoint on Windows and MacOSX. But please do NOT rely too much on our computers since they may not work properly for various reasons, such as the version inconsistency of PowerPoint.

Poster Presentation Guideline

Poster sessions are scheduled in the evening on Dec 14. Each poster board is 122 cm in width and 243 cm in height.

Your poster should be mounted immediate after registration on the first day, Dec 14 and removed at the end of the session. Pushpins are provided for mounting posters.
We are not responsible for the posters left on the board after the session.