Poster Award Winners

Conguratulations to ICSPM25 Poster Award winners!
We thank you for your great contributions to the colloquium.

Formation Mechanism of Reduced Graphene Oxide Membrane
H.H. Huang1R. Joshi2K. De Silva1M. Yoshimura1
1Graduate School of Engineering, Toyota Technological Institute, Japan, 2School of Mat. Sci. and Eng., University of New South Wales, Australia

Electronic Structure of the Thermally Fluctuating Molecule Junctions
Y. IsshikiS. FujiiM. Kiguchi
Tokyo Institute of Technology, Kiguchi-Nishino lab, Japan

Viscoelastic maps obtained by nanorheological AFM with two different driving systems
M. AraiE. UedaX. LiangM. ItoS. KangK. Nakajima
Tokyo Institute of Technology, Japan

Nano-imaging of Excess Noise in Graphene with THz Near-field Microscopy
K.-T. Lin1Q. Weng1S. Kim1K. Sugawara2T. Otsuji2S. Komiyama3Y. Kajihara1
1Institute of Industrial Science, The University of Tokyo, Japan, 2Research Institute of Electrical Communication, Tohoku University, Japan, 3Department of Basic Science, The University of Tokyo, Japan