Conference Schedule

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Dec 10 Thu Dec 11 Fri
Opening (10:15-10:30)
Session 1
10:30  S1-1  Y. Otsuka
11:00  S1-2  T. Minato
Lunch Break (11:30-12:30)
Session 2
12:30  S2-1  M.I. Hossain
12:45  S2-2  Y. Yamada
13:00  S2-3  T. Harashima
13:15  S2-4  R. Kojima
13:30  S2-5  T.K. Yamada
13:45  S2-6  Y. Adachi
Break (14:00-14:15)
Session 3
14:15  S3-1  K. Nakajima
14:45  S3-2  T. Okajima
15:00  S3-3  K. Miyata
Break (15:15-15:30)
Session 4
15:30  S4-1  K. Iwata
15:45  S4-2  S. Cui
16:15  S4-3  Yu.M. Efremov
16:45  S4-4  Tomoe Engineering Co.,Ltd
16:50  S4-5  UNISOKU Co., Ltd.
16:55  S4-6  Scienta Omicron, Inc.
17:00  S4-7  Park Systems Japan Inc.
17:05  S4-8  Bruker Japan K.K.
17:10  S4-9  HORIBA, Ltd.
17:15  S4-10  Japan Laser Corporation
Conference Photo (17:20-17:25)
Break (17:25-17:45)
Session 5
Poster Session (17:45-19:45)
Session 6
09:00  S6-1  S. Kim
09:15  S6-2  D. Walkup
09:30  S6-3  Y.P. Chiu
10:00  S6-4  X. Ma
10:15  S6-5  T. Komeda
Break (10:30-10:45)
Session 7
10:45  S7-1  G. H. Chen
11:00  S7-2  C. L. Lin
11:15  S7-3  T. Hirahara
Lunch break (11:45-12:45)
Session 8
12:45  S8-1  R. Ishibashi
13:00  S8-2  S.-J. Cho
13:15  S8-3  A. Yamada
13:30  S8-4  Y. Kainuma
Break (13:45-14:00)
Session 9
14:00  S9-1  T. M. Chuang
14:30  S9-2  Pratyay. Amrit
14:45  S9-3  M.M. Hasan
Break (15:00-15:15)
Session 10
15:15  S10-1  S.-C. Li
15:45  S10-2  P. Viswanath
16:00  S10-3  W. H. Chen
16:15  S10-4  R.S.R. Gajjela
Break (16:30-16:45)
Session 11
16:45  S11-1  D. Tjeertes
17:00  S11-2  Y. Wang
17:15  S11-3  C. Drechsel
17:30  S11-4  S. Scherb
17:45  S11-5  V. K. Singh
Closing (18:00-18:15)

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All presentations are presented online.

Oral presentations and discussions about them are made on an online conference system.

Poster presentations are made by posting the poster materials on the whiteboards in Remo virtual poster room. Voting for the poster award is also made online. (revised on Nov. 18)

Invited speakers

Oral Presentation Guideline

Details will be announced here.

Presentation Time (tentative)

Type Presentation Discussion
Invited (30 min)   25 min 5 min
Contributed (15 min)   10 min 5 min

Poster Presentation Guideline

** Poster presentation system was largely revised to make it more convenient on Nov 18.

The poster presentation will be done by posting the posters on the whiteboards in the Remo online lounge as follows:

Remo is an online lounge system with a realtime video chat communications ( We provide virtual poster rooms built in Remo for the poster session, scientific exhibition and free conversation between attendees.

The virtual poster rooms open as the schedule below:

Dec 7, Mon 13:00-18:00 Connection and posting test, Free conversation
Dec 8, Tue 13:00-18:00 Connection and posting test, Free conversation
Dec 9, Wed 13:00-18:00 Connection and posting test, Free conversation
Dec 10, Thu 09:30-14:30 Scientific exhibition, Free conversation
Dec 10, Thu 15:30-20:30 Poster presentation, Scientific exhibition, Free conversation
Dec 11, Fri 08:00-13:00 Scientific exhibition, Free conversation
Dec 11, Fri 13:15-18:15 Scientific exhibition, Free conversation

Invitation email will be sent from Remo system (From: at the email address you registered to the conference account system.

The Remo lounge consists of five floors each of which equips with twelve tables, and each table equips with a whiteboard.

The presenter of a poster presentation is asked to find the table that is numbered with thier presentation number and post their poster on the whiteboard at the table.

On the whiteboards, presenters can post as many images (jpeg and png) as they want. (You can also directly upload a pdf file to be automatically converted into images but, in that case, the resolution may be too low. We recommend you to convert a PDF into an image before upload with suitable resolution.)

Since the audience can look around the whiteboards with any magnification, it is recommended to prepare for poster image(s) with enough resolution to make the contents clearly seen.

Posting poster should be done after Dec 10 Thus 15:30. You can post your poster in other period too if you want but the whiteboard may be reset during the lunch break. So, check if the poster is ready during the last break before the poster session.

For recommended environment and detailed operation procedures, please refer to the Remo poster session manual:

ICSPM28 Remo manual (English) ICSPM28 Remo manual (Japanese)

We also give you links to the Remo poster session manuals in other conference, just for reference: