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Information for prospective students

Welcome to Graduate Admissions at the Shigekawa Group. We are pleased that you are considering studying with us on nanoscale features / phenomena and ultrafast measurement methods.

We accept transfer students into our graduate program from graduate programs at other schools. We invite you to contact us before you apply. We will be happy to assist you.

Let's embark on a journey to the world of ultrasmall and ultrafast technologies with us!

Educational and Research Organizations

Undergraduate students in our group major in Quantum and Electronic Engineering belonging to College of Engineering Sciences in Third Cluster of Colleges. (Sorry, no website in English is available.)

Graduate students belong to the Doctoral Program in Applied Physics of the Graduate School of Pure and Applied Sciences

To learn more about how to apply, please visit the website of International Student Center (ISC).

Degree Requirements

The Graduate School of Pure and Applied Sciences offers the five-year consecutive doctoral degree program in Applied Physics. This is composed of a two-year master's degree program (Master's Program) and a three-year doctoral degree program (Doctoral Program).

During the first two years of the Master's Program, students must take required courses/classes, and do research for writing a Master's thesis to receive the master's degree in engineering.

During the following three years of the Doctoral Program, students continue to take classes required for the Ph.D. candidacy and work intensely on research (become involved in that research group) to write a doctoral thesis/dissertation to earn the Ph.D. degree in engineering.

Graduates from the group have succeeded in a wide variety of career paths: professional positions in industry, academia and government (e.g. electronics manufacturers, chemical companies, software companies, national institutes and universities )

We're always delighted to welcome visitors.
Please contact Professor Shigekawa or Dr. Takeuchi if you would like to make any arrangements in advance or if you have further questions regarding the application process.

JSPS Fellowship

If you wish to join our group as a post doctoral fellow, the best way is applying to the JSPS Fellowship. This fellowship will grant you a round trip ticket and a living allowance to let you stay in our institute for as long as 24 months. Various fringe benefits will be offered to the recipients of the fellowship.

If you already have other budget, please contact with Professor H. Shigekawa for consulting other issues.

We are keen to accept motivated young scientists who are interested in nano-material sciences. Major techniques that we employ for investigation are scanning tunneling microscopy (STM), atomic force microscopy (AFM) and pump-probe measurement with femtosecond pulsed lasers. Knowledge of chemical reactions, electric circuit, software development, ultrahigh vacuum and numerical calculations are also helpful.