19th International Colloquium
on Scanning Probe Microscopy (ICSPM19)

Conference Program

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19-Dec (Mon) 20-Dec (Tue) 21-Dec (Wed)
Registration (12:00-14:00)
Wellcome address (14:00-14:10)
Session 1
Liquid-solid interfaces
14:10 S1-1i T. Ichii
14:40 S1-2 M. Kageshima
14:55 S1-3 S. Nishida
15:10 S1-4 K. Kaisei
Coffee break (15:25-15:50)
Session 2
Artificial soft materials
15:50 S2-1i J. Ye
16:20 S2-2 K. Ojima
16:35 S2-3 K. Nakajima
Session 3
Exhibitor's presentation
Break (17:35-18:00)
Dinner (18:00-19:30)
Session 4
Poster session (19:30-21:30)
Breakfast (07:00-08:30)
Session 5
Electric properties
08:30 S5-1s Q.-K. Xue
09:10 S5-2i T. Hanaguri
09:40 S5-3 S. Yoshida
09:55 S5-4 T. Kimura
Coffee break (10:10-10:40)
Session 6
Electric properties
10:40 S6-1 T. Nakayama
10:55 S6-2 Y. Nakajima
11:10 S6-3 Y. Ohashi
11:25 S6-4 S. Katsui
11:40 S6-5 N. Chinone
11:55 S6-6 H. Yasumatsu
12:10 S6-7 T. Matsumoto
12:25 S6-8 K. Hara
Conference Photo (12:40-12:55)
Lunch (12:55-13:55)
Session 7
13:55 S7-1 T.H. Hui
14:10 S7-2 Y. Yoshida
14:25 S7-3i M. Shiraishi
14:55 S7-4 T. Komeda
15:10 S7-5 T.K. Yamada
15:25 S7-6 K.-i. Morita
Coffee break (15:40-16:05)
Session 8
AFM, sensors, biological
16:05 S8-1 Y. Sugimoto
16:20 S8-2s S. Jeon
17:00 S8-3s K.J. Van Vliet
17:40 S8-4 R. Afrin
Break (17:55-18:30)
Banquet (18:30-21:30)
Breakfast (07:00-08:30)
Session 9
08:30 S9-1i K. Yasuda
09:00 S9-2 S. Ido
09:15 S9-3 K. Miyamoto
Coffee break (09:30-09:45)
Session 10
New methods
09:45 S10-1 T. TAKAMI
10:00 S10-2 H.-S. Liao
10:15 S10-3i T. Ando
Closing remark (10:45-10:50)
Leave for Chitose Airport (11:00)

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Accommodation fee during the conference is included in the registration fee. Thus, basically, all attendee stay at the conference site hotel, Toyako Manseikaku.

Oral presentations including invited talks are given in a single session.

Exhibition by sponsers is made from Dec 19 afternoon to Dec 20 evening. Short presentation by exhibitors are given in the oral session on Dec 19.

The poster session is held in the evening on Dec 19.
Each poster board is 90cm in width and 100cm in height.

Wireless internet connection is available for your notebook pc at the lobby of the hotel and wired connection is available in the oral presentation hall. We are sorry that no public pc is provided for the internet access.

Oral Presentation Guideline


Type Presentation Discussion
Invited-S   35 min 5 min
Invited   25 min 5 min
Generic   10 min 5 min


Speakers can use a digital projector for PC as described below. A laser pointer and a lapel microphone are also provided.
Overhead projectors for transparencies, slides and video tapes can NOT be used.

To speakers who use your own laptop PC.

Your pc should have a mini D-sub 15-pin output (female), a standard monitor terminal, to be connect to the projector. The power supply is AC100V, 50Hz, with the plug type A, which has two flat blades without GND.

In case of a connection problem, you should bring a copy of your presentation in a CD-R or a USB memory stick, which can be used with our backup computers that have the PowerPoint on Windows and MacOSX. But please do NOT rely too much on our computers since they may not work properly for various reasons, such as the version inconsistency of PowerPoint.

Poster Presentation Guideline

Poster sessions are scheduled in the evening on Dec 19. Each poster board is 90 cm in width and 100 cm in height.

Your poster should be mounted on the board before the dinner on Dec 19 and removed immediately after the session. Pushpins are provided for mounting posters.
We are not responsible for the posters left on the board after the session.

Invited speakers

Invited speakers will be announced here.
Krystyn J. Van Vliet (Department of Materials Science & Engineering, MIT, USA )
"Chemomechanics of cell deformation and cell-material interactions: Pulling it all together"
Sangmin Jeon (Department of Chemical Engineering, Pohang University of Science and Technology, Korea)
"Microcantilever sensors as a versatile analytical tool"
Kenji Yasuda (Institute of biomaterials and bioengineering, Tokyo Medical and Dental University, Japan)
"Constructive Understanding of Multicellular Network using On-chip Cellomics Technology"
Tetsuo Hanaguri (Magnetic Materials Laboratory, RIKEN, Japan)
"Magnrtic field effects on a topological insulator studied by STM/STS"
Masashi Shiraishi (Osaka University, Japan)
"Spin Transport and Pure Spin Current in Graphene"
Jiping Ye (Cutting-edge Technology Department, Nissan ARC Ltd., Japan)
"Nanoscale Dynamic Viscoelastic Measurements Using an Indentation Technique at Elevated Temperature"
Takashi Ichii (Department of Materials Science and Engineering, Kyoto University, Japan)
"High-resolution imaging on ionic-liquid/solid interfaces using frequency modulation AFM"
Toshio Ando (College of Science and Engineering, Kanazawa University, Japan)
"High-speed atomic force microscopy coming of age"
Qi-Kun Xue (Tsinghua University, China)
"How unconventional the unconventional superconductors are?"