Tsukuba Research Unit for Extreme Quantum Metrology and Quantum BioScience as a world leader of research in this field Tsukuba Research Unit for Extreme Quantum Metrology & Quantum BioScience

Research Theme

  • Laser-combined STM

  • Ultrafast spectroscopy

  • Quantum-biologial control

  • Protein science

  • Quantum function generation

  • Cell/molecule control by external excitation

  • Quantum manipulation

  • Quantum imaging

Research Contents (for more detail)

Applied Physics, Faculty of Pure and Applied Sciences, University of Tsukuba
Hidemi Shigekawa

The advancement of nanoscale science and technology is expected to realize the fusion of different scientific fields by removing the barriers between them and establish new scientific fields. In fact, various types of research have been carried out thus far. As the history of science indicates, science has developed alongside the development of new experimental technologies. It is important to obtain and analyze data by using existing devices and equipment; however, this is only one aspect of research. More important is the development of new experimental technologies, as has been demonstrated by the achievements of previous key research. The development of such new experimental technologies has been driven by strong demand from each scientific field. The Unit cooperates with other organizations by utilizing the advantages and favorable location of University of Tsukuba and aims to achieve significant progress in quantum technology research from the development of quantum devices to advances in life science and medicine by cooperating with researchers in such fields using the quantum measurement technology as the core technology.


  • external fund Project of “Time- and spin-resolved multiprobe STM” was selected for Adaptable and Seamless Technology transfer Program through targetdriven R&D (Prof. H. Shigekawa)
  • external fund Project of “Development of protein stabilization by liquid-liquid phase separation” was selected for Grant-in-Aid for challenging Exploratory Research (Prof. K. Shiraki)
  • external fund Project of “Control of liquid-liquid phase separation of proteins by small molecules” was selected for Grant-in-Aid for Scientific Research(B) (Prof. K. Shiraki)
  • external fund Project of “Development of quantum microscopy for visualizing molecular functions of living cells” was selected for JST-Mirai Program (Prof. H. Shigekawa)
  • award Received “Best Student Poster Award“ at Society for Free Radical Research JAPAN
    Title:『Investigation of Influence of Oxidative Stress on Cancer Cell Using Atomic Force Microscopy』 (S. Ugajin)

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