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November 4 - 8, 2013, Tsukuba, Japan.


The conference venue is about 10 min on foot from Tsukuba Terminal or Tsukuba Center Bus stop via the pedestrian deck.

To Tsukuba

Airport bus from Narita Airport

About 100 minutes from Narita Airport by bus to "Tsukuba Center", which is bound for "Tsuchiura Station." You should at first buy the ticket at Keisei Bus Reception Counter and take a bus at the bus stop No.8 in the Narita Terminal 1 or at the bus stop No.10 in the Narita Terminal 2.

Bus stops in Narita Airport: [Terminal 1] [Terminal 2]

Seats for the bus from Tsukuba to Narita must be reserved in advance at Tsukuba Bus Center or Kantetsu website.

Time tables below were from http://www.kantetsu.co.jp/bus/highway/nattts/natts_eng.html on Oct 2, 2013.

Narita to Tsukuba Center (2,540 yen)
Narita Terminal 1 7:40 9:0510:3512:5014:3016:1517:2018:4520:10
Narita Terminal 2 7:45 9:1010:4012:5514:3516:2017:2518:5020:15
Tsukuba Center 9:2010:4512:1514:3016:1017:5519:0020:2521:50
Tsuchiura Station 9:4011:0512:3514:5016:3018:1519:2020:4522:10

Tsukuba Center to Narita (2,540 yen)
Tsukuba Center 6:00 7:00 8:5010:4012:2013:3514:3515:5017:35
Narita Terminal 2 7:40 8:4010:2512:1513:5515:1016:1017:2519:10
Narita Terminal 1 7:45 8:4510:3012:2014:0015:1516:1517:3019:15

Airport bus from Haneda Airport

About 120 minutes from Haneda Airport by bus bound for "Tsukuba Center". You should at first buy the ticket at bus ticket counter and take a bus at the bus stop No.6 in the International Terminal or at the bus stop No.13 in the Terminal 1 or 2.

Bus stops in Haneda Airport

Time tables were from http://www.kantetsu.co.jp/bus/highway/haneda-center/haneda-center.html on Oct 2, 2013.

Haneda to Tsukuba (1,800 yen)
Haneda International 9:1511:1514:4516:0517:4519:2020:4522:05
Haneda Terminal 2 9:2511:2514:5516:1517:5519:3020:5522:15
Haneda Terminal 1 9:3011:3015:0016:2018:0019:3521:0022:20
Tsukuba Center 11:1513:1516:4518:0519:4521:0022:1523:35

Tsukuba to Haneda (1,800 yen)
Tsukuba Center 4:40 6:00 8:00 9:3012:3014:3017:3018:35
Haneda Terminal 1 6:17 7:47 9:5711:2714:0716:0719:0720:02
Haneda Terminal 2 6:22 7:5210:0211:3214:1216:1219:1220:07
Haneda International 6:29 7:5910:0911:3914:1916:1919:1920:14

Airport bus from Ibaraki Airport

About 60 minutes from Ibaraki Airport bus stop #4 by bus bound for "Tsukuba Center".

Bus stops in Ibaraki Airport

Time tables were from http://www.kantetsu.co.jp/bus/highway/center_ibaraki_air/center_ibaraki_air.html on Oct 2, 2013.

Ibaraki Airport to Tsukuba Center (1,000 yen)
Ibaraki Airport 11:2018:00
Tsukuba Center 12:2019:00

Tsukuba Center to Ibaraki Airport (1,000 yen)
Tsukuba Center 9:0015:30
Ibaraki Airport 10:0016:30


Note: It takes for 5-10 min for transits at Tokyo, Hamamatsu-cho and Akihabara.

Narita Express (from Narita to Tokyo)
Every 20-30 min for 1 hour.
[Time table from Narita] [Time table to Narita]
Tokyo Monorail (from Haneda to Hamamatsu-cho)
Every 5-10 min for 20 min
Yamanote-line or Keihin-Tohoku-line (from Akihabara or Hamamatsu-cho to Tokyo)
Every 2-3 min for 5-10 min.
Tsukuba Express (from Akihabara to Tsukuba)
Every 15 min for 45-55 min. (Rapid or Semi-Rapid)


VISA information will be provided by Keio Travel Agency.
Please contact with Mr. Sakakibara <m.sakakibara@keio-kanko.co.jp>.